Focus on «Impactful Leadership»: Shaperion uses this tool for all services out of the talent cycle.

Who we are

As the first company in Switzerland, Shaperion focus on impactful management out of the entire talent cycle on impactful leadership. We are convinced that this approach is decisive in the market in order to strengthen executives, teams and organisations in the long term and to increase the company’s success with them.

We advise and accompany companies and senior executives along the entire process from the executive planning, acquisition, development to professional reorientation, outplacement and succession planning. Our customers benefit from our over 15 years of broad management and coaching experience in the areas of Human Resources and banking. We live a lifelong learning culture and continuously educate ourselves. In addition, we regularly undergo supervision and intervision. We measure our success based on our placement rates and your recommendation.

If necessary or desired, our expert knowledge in dealing with socially acceptable job cuts in Switzerland flows into our advice.

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As the first company in Switzerland, Shaperion relies on sustainable leadership along the entire talent cycle. Together with our customers, we develop and consolidate the desirable competences and thus indirectly a new leadership culture. In addition to the “Hogan” personality profiles, an important working tool is the assessment from “B Lab Switzerland” to measure companies and senior executives for more sustainable leadership. You and / or your team are our focus. We design an individual strategy tailored to your needs. Our approach is holistic.

Our values

We measure ours by your success and satisfaction. This is also demonstrated by our high recommendation and placement rate. On the way there, we focus on trusting customer relationships. You should feel comfortable and professional with us. As matter of course, we work discreetly and reliably. It is important to protect and maintain your reputation. We consider it our top priority to let you, your team and your organisation grow.

Process of professional reorientation as an offer out of the talent cycle

As a strong sparring partner, we ask you to take a closer look at yourself and your management team. We accompany you through the entire career transition process – from clarifying your needs to the end of the probationary period.

Our network

Two strategic partnerships allow us to provide you with comprehensive and premium support.

The partnership with “Schulthess Zimmermann & Jauch” allows us to expand Shaperion’s offering and to support our clients in need of board advice and executive search with an international focus.

As “B Leader” and ambassador of “B Lab Switzerland” for C-Level Executives and board members, Shaperion’s clients benefit not only from guidance towards a “impactful culture” of leadership, but also from a corresponding network.

As bridge builder, we maintain close relationships with technical colleges and universities where we hold various mandates. It is essential for us to keep our finger on the pulse of research in this way. For example, to be able to use new knowledge or to anticipate developments at an early stage.

Shaperion AG - Partner
Shaperion AG - Partner
Shaperion AG - Partner
Shaperion AG - Partner
Shaperion AG - Partner
Shaperion AG - Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

What does «new placement», "outplacement" mean?

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A company-financed service for departing employees that is offered as professional help for professional reorientation and repositioning. In the separation process, professional outplacement or new placement advice can be part of the separation agreement.
(Source: Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon)

What does «outplacement» mean?

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The term “outplacement” designates a company-financed service for departing employees, which is offered as professional help for professional reorientation, until the conclusion of a new contract or a business start-up.
(Source: Wikipedia)

What do we mean by «professional reorientation»?

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It includes support with all relevant topics (see the graphic of the same name), in order to gain clarity as to where the professional journey is going. Usually this ends in a new professional challenge.

What is our USP? What sets us apart from our competitors?

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  • We focus on individualized support, which is why we deliberately avoid workshops.
  • Reputational risk is one of the most valuable possessions that has to be minimized. Due to our experience on the subject of socially acceptable job cuts at the world’s largest asset manager in Switzerland (before and after the financial crisis), we have a strong sense of the reputational risk for companies, teams, and individuals.
  • We are the first “Newplacer” in Switzerland with a focus on “impactful leadership”, who are able to measure the competencies and to develop and internalize them with leadership teams. Which is why this instrument is also part of all of our packages.
  • Most executive coaches have broad leadership experience outside of the human resources business.
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