Created by nature over millions of years, some stone structures become unique pieces with great radiance.

The uniqueness of the monolith serves as a model for the Shaperion team in their daily work. Shape as an inspiration. Aesthetics of harmony reduced to its essence. Always in motion, always visible with great radiance. The unique images on our website were created based on an idea by the Schläfle Trittibach design agency. Various photographers shot these fascinating natural wonders in the best light. Use the links next to the coordinates to find out where these monuments are located on this planet.

Shaped by Nature: «Sh-1» 36°59’36.3”N 110°11’47.0”W

Shaped by Nature: «Sh-2» 34°02’17.2”N 118°52’28.8”W

Shaped by Nature: «Sh-3» 37°46’03.9”N 119°29’21.7”W

Shaped by Nature: «Sh-4» 65°36’23.1”N 20°38’06.9”W

Shaped by Nature: «Sh-5» 35°37’04.4”N 117°22’05.2”W

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