Many years of experience, continuous training at the cutting edge and a strong network throughout Switzerland characterize the versatile Shaperion team.

agile leadership - sandra schnyder

Sandra Schnyder

Chairwoman & Managing Director

Sandra Schnyder has more than 15 years of experience in the field of new placement and ten years of management experience in the banking and human resources sectors. At the world’s largest asset manager, she was in charge of «International Mobility Services» and «Career Advisory» (operational implementation of the social plan) for Switzerland and was responsible for all training topics relevant to the implementation of the strategy in Personal Banking Switzerland.

As one of the first in-house executive coaches, she accompanied key talents in their individual, team and project development processes at the in-house Business University. She introduced the «Location Assessments» offers and, as part of the «Life Long Learning Initiative», coaching for professional reorientation. As a mentor, she now supports mentees at the University of St. Gallen and is an ambassador for the umbrella association of the Swiss University of Applied Sciences for the dual education system.

A business economist (FH), she completed an Executive Master in Human Resources and then three CAS in career coaching or process consulting and management training. She rounded off her profile as a coach of the Swiss Coachings Association with a specialization in individual psychology. This was followed by further training for CEOs and board members at the University of St. Gallen as well as a specialization in the area of “Leadership in the digital age” at IMD Lausanne. Sandra Schnyder works in three languages (German, English, French).

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Susanne Walther

Senior Executive Coach, Mediator & Trainer

Susanne Walther has over 15 years of experience in the areas of career transition, new placement as well as executive and team coaching. Most of her mandates in recent years have come from the banking, insurance and pharmaceutical industries, but she has also worked for industrial and service companies on a regular basis.

Before training as a professional coach, Susanne Walther worked in the financial sector for 15 years. Her wealth of experience as a financial analyst, fund manager and external auditor strengthened her analytical skills. This background also allows her to quickly get a picture of her customer’s environment. Her systemic and solution-oriented coaching is characterized by a high level of commitment, creativity and empathy.

Susanne Walther completed her studies in business administration at the University of St. Gallen with a master’s degree. This was followed by a diploma as an IDC Master Coach. In 2012 she received accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is rounding off her profile with a CAS in Mediation at the University of Freiburg (diploma expected in spring 2021). Susanne Walther has lived and worked in French-speaking Switzerland since 1992 and takes on mandates in German, French and English.

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Dorie Massumi

Senior Executive Coach & Trainer

Dorie Massumi started her professional career in banking and focused her further career steps on the areas of human resources, coaching and consulting. After ten years of professional experience in human resources management and leadership, she decided to focus her work on the areas of career development, executive coaching as well as outplacement and new placement

As a senior career coach, executive coach and trainer, she brings ten years of expertise in international companies to the table.

Following her master’s degree in human resources at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Dorie Massumi completed various further training courses in coaching and consulting. Her profile is rounded off by further training to become a certified Marshall Goldsmith, Stakeholder Centered Leadership Coach and Certified Trainer. The philosophy of her coaching work known as «Courage» and her motto «take the courage to move forward» flow into her work. She also conveys «Courage» to broad circles via an online platform. Dorie Massumi is bilingual (German, English).

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Hans-Rudolf Wohlwend

Senior Executive Coach, Case Manager & Mediator

Hans-Rudolf Wohlwend is endowed with well-founded and extensive experience in corporate psychosocial counseling as well as in crisis and case management. He worked as a consultant for five years in the public sector (Cantonal Justice Directorate and Psychiatric University Clinic) before moving to the private sector.

For almost thirty years, he has been working as a social counselor at large Swiss companies in the banking and insurance sectors, most recently as ombudsman and head of «Social Care Consulting & Health». His tasks include the provision of in-house advice in conflict-ridden areas involving ​​different interests. In addition, he develops projects to reduce psychosocial risks based on SECO guidelines. Under his leadership, important issues were developed and implemented as an integral part of the personnel policy of his employers.

After completing his training at the University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) as a social worker FH, Hans-Rudolf Wohlwend completed various further trainings in the areas of social psychology FHH, coaching and conflict management (Glasl). He is a certified mediator DM (Munich) with a focus on business mediation. For several years, he held a periodic mandate as a lecturer at the ZHAW on the subject of «livelihood security and corporate social work». He is also in demand as a speaker for advanced training courses and specialist conferences (Hohenegg Clinic, C. G. Jung Institute). He takes on mandates in German and English.

Team member from 1.1.2021

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Antoinette Anderegg

Trainer, Image Consultant & Senior Coach for Non-Verbal Communication

Antoinette Anderegg started her second professional career at the age of 42 as a freelance trainer, consultant and coach for image management and non-verbal communication.

Today, 22 years later, she is a renowned body language expert and co-director of the institute «».

With her experience, she supports managers and their employees. Her training courses are highly valued in SMEs, universities of applied sciences and international companies. Among other things, she interpreted the body language of speakers on the political program «Arena» for Swiss television. Antoinette Anderegg sees herself as a «decoder». She decodes the «codes» of non-verbal signals conveyed through the body and clothing. In addition, she teaches the interpretation and application of socially relevant codes of business etiquette, but also small talk.

After studying art, Antoinette Anderegg completed her training in body pedagogy, body expression and counseling skills. In 2011 she completed a five-year training course in «reading body language» with a diploma. She is a member and examination expert at the Swiss Association for Nonverbal Specialists. Her profile is rounded off by further training in the areas of performance skills, theater, rhetoric, color and style advice as well as neuroscience. One of Antoinette Anderegg’s favorite statements is: «The human is a being who communicates on many levels and who sometimes also speaks.» Antoinette Anderegg works bilingually (German, French).


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